Leverage the latest 3D Twinning Tools to enhance your products, cut your overhead, and increase your bottom line.

3 Architectural Products


people collaborating over Zoom

Scalable Floor Plans +
Interactive 3D Sections

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EC Creation

Sets of plans on a table

Point Cloud to DWG's +
EC Creation

Use Your Own TitleBlock, Families, and Plates

Create CD's from your own EC Titleblock

Enjoy outsourced documents without "EC Error" surprises

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C.A. Validation

Construction plan

As-Builts and Interactive 3D for CA Validation +
Trades Tracking Records

Fast 3D Imaging for Fast CA and accurate Project Records

Accurate Overlay Validation C.A., right from your office

Clear SK instructions for GC corrections without site visits

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Scalable Floor Plans +
Interactive 3D Sections

Point Cloud +
Existing Conditions Drawings

Validation Scans +
Trades Tracking Records

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Conduct programming over Zoom with scalable .dwg floor plans, Interior 3D Walk-throughs, Exterior 3D Panos, and 3D interactive dollhouse section-able views for instant, complete, and obvious structural analysis.  Find out NOW.  Build more projects.

A single link makes the entire property instantly available and shareable over Zoom.  Get your 3D x-ray specs out and do some programming!

Bring the site to your office

Increase Design billables and reduce overhead

Create with confidence using verified DIMs

Perform quick, easy, and obvious preliminary structural Load-Path Analysis with clients, builders, or engineers with naviagable 3D Section Dollhouse Views

Save time and money providing a better client experience (plus the "cool" factor is off the charts ;)

Convert More Sales to Projects that get built by providing a better process

EC Creation

We can do (1) the Scanning, (2) the Point Cloud Conversion to a .dwg file, and (3) the Set Assembly using your own Title Block, Standard Plates and Families.  We're in your own time zone, working collaboratively with you to efficiently meet your Project EC Goals.

We can also deliver just #1, only 1 and 2, or all 3 products on a project-by-project basis.  We're flexible!

Maximize creative hours at the firm's maximum rate

Free your Firm of almost all in-house EC production management costs

Reduce back-end surprise(!) EC error-consequence costs

Enjoy the easy accuracy and Let go of "hand-measuring" with tapes, notes, and hand-laser tools like it was 1999

Spend more time creating and less time managing the nuts-and-bolts of ECs

C.A. Validations

We bring the commercial construction practice of Validation Scanning to Residential projects using either fast and inexpensive photogrammetry scans or far more accurate and complete LiDAR scanning.  Overlay Drawings for proposed / actual become easy to do.

Reduce overhead driving time and increase high-value client billables with Sequential Milestone Scanning, using the right scanner for each Milestone.

Ensure that your Designs get built as you drew them

Eliminate non-billable foundation correction costs due to plan ambiguities or forming mistakes

Perform collaborative C.A. from your office with 360 Exterior Panos and 3D Interior Detail records

Reduce non-billable call-backs by enhancing you C.A. services with a 3D Record of Trades progress

Conduct online Discovery with 3D experiences over Zoom, reducing both C.A. time and construction errors

Get more referrals by creating Happy Clients!

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- Start a (N) project
- Ensure accuracy of your (E) project
- Validate your C.A.
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